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These are the routes that make up Golden Hell Week. Run them in any order, at any time during the 5 days. Make sure to follow the routes as closely as possible.

Study these routes closely and consider navigating the routes with the GPX file to remove uncertainty.

Golden Hell Week Apex Mountain Park.jpg

Apex Mountain Park

Check out this awesome new route that will get your lungs pumping. We suggest running this one at sunrise. 

Start in the parking lot. Head up Argos Trail to Pick N Sledge/Grubstake loop and run it clockwise. This means you stay on Pick N Sledge as long as you can until it turns into Grubstake. You'll pass the first Grubstake trail to stay on Pick N Sledge.

See Route on Strava

Mt. Galbraith via Nightbird Gulch

For your safety, this route does not include a hwy 93 crossing. Start at the corner of North Washington and Hwy 93, across Hwy 93 from Cannonball Brewing. Run west on Washington St. and turn right on Canyon Point Circle. Run until you get to Nightbird Gulch Trailhead. Continue up Galbraith and run the loop COUNTER CLOCKWISE. Head back down Nightbird Gulch and retrace your steps to get back to Cannonball Brewing. 

See Route on Strava

Golden Hell Week 2 Galbraith Map.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-08-11 at 8.40.54 AM.png

South Table Mountain


New Route! Start at Runner's Roost Golden on 22nd and Ford St. Right on 21st, Left on East, Right on 19th (Keep heading up hill) and the first trail you come to will be the Olivine Trail! Head up and don't stop running until you get to Castle Rock! Turn around and head back down the Lubahn Trail. Once back to 19th St., retrace your steps back to Runner's Roost!

See route on Strava

Lookout Mountain

This run starts and ends at Mountain Toad. Start by heading south on Washington and turn right onto the Clear Creek Path and cross the pedestrian bridge before going under HWY 6. Take Chimney Gulch on the right and head straight up to Windy Saddle and come back down the same way. 

See route on Strava

Golden Hell Week 2 Lookout Map.jpg

North Table Mountain

Starts and ends at New Terrain Brewing Company. Follow the dirt path between the archery club and the Golden Bike Park. Cross Easley Rd and start up Lithic Trail. Connect with North Table Loop trail and run to Cottonwood Canyon Trail. Head East on Mesa Top Trail to reconnect with North Table Loop and then retrace your steps from the Lithic Trail back to New Terrain!

See route on Strava

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Follow All Posted Detours

Golden Hell Week is about community. You will not be penalized for obeying all Jeffco Rules and Golden City laws.

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