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About Golden Hell Week

Your Trails. Your Time.

Golden Hell Week is a virtual race. Five iconic trail runs that mostly start and end at classic breweries around town. Once a year, we test the strength in our legs, the tenacity of our lungs and the conviction of our will by giving everything we have to these routes. You don't have to go fast, but you gotta give it everything!

The event is free! Primarily because in reality, this isn't an event, a race or really anything, but a cool place to post your strava link. 

You run the routes and record you time and position with any GPS device (phone, watch, Tom Tom, etc...), then upload your results to Strava and drink a beer!

We are only collecting the total elapsed time this year, so it should be much easier to submit results than in previous years. 

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Help Center

Do I need to submit my results?

You can submit your results on the "Log Your Time" page of this website. You may enter your times as you complete them or you may do it all at once at the end. Please add your routes, even if you don't finish the entire event!

Do I need to follow the route exactly?

As long as Strava says your got the correct segment (Lookout Mountain for example) you are close enough for me. If you didn't get the segment from Strava, then we can review your data. If it's close, we'll accept it, if not then we won't. Ultimately, it's up to you to run the right route and up to the Strava algorithms to tell us if you're worthy. 

When is the last day I can register?

Just get your times in before Saturday, Sept. 14th at Noon! No "registration" required.

How can I volunteer?

Email and let us know what kind of skills you have. We're always looking for help.

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