Run them in any order, at any time during the 5 days.

These are the top 5 iconic routes to the peaks surrounding Golden, CO. Click the map below to navigate the routes using your phone.

Apex Mountain Park

Apex Mountain Park

The only run that doesn't start and end at Mountain Toad, Apex starts at the main trailhead. Head straight up the rocky, rooty Apex Trail all the way until you hit Lookout Mountain Drive. Turn around and do it in reverse. This run will test your footwork and stamina, not to mention your ability to dodge mountain bikers!

Best Paired with: Apex Amber


Mt. Galbraith via Nightbird Gulch

Mt. Galbraith starts and ends at Mountain Toad. Start by heading south on Washington and turn right onto the Clear Creek Path. Near the end of the path, hang a right to take you along Church Ditch, across 8th and over Hwy 58. Run through New Mine Loveland Park and over ANOTHER bridge to wander through the neighborhood on the west side of Hwy 93. Hit the trail at Canyon Point Circle and don't stop! Up the stairs, around the relentless switchbacks , you'll eventually hit the fork at the top of Nightbird and you'll take a left, following the loop all the way around Mt. Galbraith and back down to the Toad!

Best Paired with: Craft Cream Ale

South Table

South Table Mountain

Starting from the Mountain Toad, this run heads south on Washington St. before turning left onto the creek path. Turn right on Ford St., left on 13th and right onto East Street.  Make another left onto the windy 18th street and hop onto the trail where 18th meets Belvedere. From here, push it up the steep singletrack, across the top and sprint the final stairs to the summit of Castle Rock! Turn it around and head back to the Toad!

Best Paired with: Pedal On Pale Ale

Lookout Mountain

Lookout Mountain

This run starts and ends at Mountain Toad. Start by heading south on Washington and turn right onto the Clear Creek Path. Near the end of the path, run over the bridge and duck into the trees on the Chimney Gulch Trail. Endure the switchbacks all the way until the first road crossing. After that, the trail mellows out a little bit until you get to Windy Saddle, the second road crossing. Take in the panoramic views and continue up the Lookout Mountain Trail all the way up until you hit the road next to the Nature Center. Turn around and take the same way back to the Toad.

Best Paired with: Mt. Zion IPA

North Table

North Table Mountain

North Table Mountain is burly! Starting at the Toad, head straight across the street and hop on the bike path, just on the other side of the drainage. From here, just keep heading up! Make a right when you hit 1st St. and a left on Partridge. This road is STEEP! The road turns right and you'll see a trail on your left. I call this Lone Juniper because you can see one, very small, juniper tree on the ridgline. That's where you're heading!

Once you hit the top of the mesa, hang left on the double track and aim for the hiker only trail that take you to North Table's volcanic nipple. 

Tag the summit and head back down to the Toad!

Best Paired with: Infra-Red IPA


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